Applications Explore Data Dictionary


The following definitions describe the dimensions and measures used on the applications explore in Veracode Analytics.

Application Dimensions

Dimension Description
Application Custom Fields The metadata entered in application custom fields 1-25. Located from Application > Metadata > Asset > Custom Fields.
Application ID The unique numerical identifier associated with the application profile, provided by Veracode.
Application Name The name of the application, created by the user when creating an application on the Veracode Platform.
Application Passed Policy (Yes/No) Determines if the application did or did not pass policy compliance. Values are Yes or No.
Application Purpose The business purpose of the application, located from the application metadata.
Application Rescanned (Yes/No) Determines if the application was rescanned. Values are Yes or No.
Application Scanned (Yes/No) Determines if the application was scanned. Values are Yes or No.
Archer Application Name The application name where the data is published to Archer. Located from Application > Metadata > Archer Name.
Business Owner Email The email address associated with the business owner of the application.
Business Owner Name The first and last name of the user responsible for the application. Located from Application > Profile > Organizational Information.
Business Unit The name of the business unit.
Created Date The date the application was created.
Current Policy The current policy associated with the application.
Current Policy Compliance The application policy compliance based on the latest scan results.
Industry The type of industry for which the application is used. Located from Application > Metadata > Industry.
Initial Published Date The earliest date that a scan for the application was published.
Latest Published Date The most-recent date that a scan for the application was published.
License Account Scans licensed by this account. For third-party applications, it is the account that paid for the scan. For SDLC applications, it is the same as the scanning account.
License Type The type of license: SDLC license or Third-party license. Most applications are software delivery lifecycle (SDLC) license, third-party license type is not commonly used. Veracode offers you the ability to scan your software supplier partners through the Veracode Platform. Values are either SDLC for internal testing of first-party software or third-party for permitting a software supplier to test the code they are developing for the Veracode user.
Requested a Consultation Veracode offers the ability to schedule a consultation with application security consultants to better understand Veracode scanning and results. Values are No Readout Requested or Readout Requested based on if the application has had a consultation requested.
Scanning Account The account where scans occurred. For software delivery lifecycle (SDLC) applications, it is the same as the licensed account. For third-party applications, it is the vendor account. Third-party applications are not commonly used.
Scanning Status The scanning status for the application. Values are DynamicMP + SDLC, DynamicMP Only, No Published Policy Scans, and SDLC only.
Tags List The list of tags for the application that are added from the application metadata. Veracode allows users to provide a tag to organize their applications as part of the application metadata.
Web Application Flag Determines if the application is a web application or not. This flag is set on the application metadata page.

Application Measures

Measure Description
Application Scan Counts The total count of applications scanned, rescanned, and not scanned in the past 90 and 365 days.
Applications with Consultations The count of applications for which security consultations have been requested.
Count The count of distinct application IDs
Percentage of Applications with Consultation Requests The percentage of applications for which a consultation call was requested.

Security Consultation Dimensions

Dimension Description
First Name The first name of the user who requested a consultation.
Last Name The last name of the user who requested a consultation.
Request Date The date the consultation was requested.

Security Consultation Measures

Measure Description
Count The count of consultations requested for the application.