About the Veracode TFS Flaw Synchronizer

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The Veracode TFS Flaw Synchronizer is a flaw import tool that enables you to import flaws as Team Foundation Server work items. The flaw synchronizer connects to the Veracode Platform and downloads reports with information about flaws found during application scans.


The Veracode Team Foundation Server (TFS) Flaw Synchronizer is compatible with Team Foundation Server 2012 and 2013, and the .NET 4.5 or 4.5.1 framework is required. To configure and use the Veracode TFS Flaw Synchronizer, you must have a Windows user account on the machine where the TFS server is installed and is registered as a TFS server user account with the following roles/permissions:
  • TFS account service
  • TFS project collection administrator

In addition, to use the TFS flaw synchronizer, you also must have already created at least one team project collection, containing at least one team project.

You can use a TFS client such as Team Explorer to create team projects in TFS.

Using TFS Flaw Synchronizer

The steps involved in using TFS flaw synchronizer include:
  • Installing the flaw synchronizer command line tool and Windows service
  • Installing and enabling the Veracode TFS custom controls
  • Installing the Veracode TFS work item template
  • Configuring the Windows user account and the Veracode TFS flaw synchronizer