Configure Login Credentials for the Veracode Integration for Jira Cloud

Ticketing Systems

After you install the Veracode Integration for Jira Cloud, you must configure the integration with credentials and other settings.

Before you begin

To configure the Veracode Integration for Jira Cloud, Veracode recommends that the administrator of your account creates a separate, Veracode non-human user account specifically for use with the Jira Cloud integration. When you create this non-human user account, ensure the account has the Mitigation API and Results API user roles. If your organization already uses team access to scan results, add the new API user account to the teams associated with the applications that you are scanning. The Jira Cloud integration imports all flaws from applications to which the non-human user account has access.

About this task

After you have created the non-human API user account specifically for use with the Jira Cloud integration:


  1. On the Veracode Integration page in Jira, go to the Veracode Login Credentials section.

  2. From the Type dropdown menu, select ID/Key as the credential type.
    Note: Veracode has deprecated the Veracode username/password credentials option and is planning to remove it as part of a future Veracode Platform release. Veracode recommends that you move from the username/password credentials to the Veracode API/key credentials as soon as possible.
  3. Enter the credential values.
  4. Click Test Credentials to ensure the credentials are correct. If you encounter an error, verify that there is network connectivity.
  5. Click Save to save the credentials.