Configure Veracode Login Credentials

Ticketing Systems

About this task

To configure the Veracode Integration for Jira, Veracode recommends that the administrator of your account create a separate, Veracode non-human user account specifically to use with the Jira integration. When you create this non-human API user, ensure the account has the Mitigation API and Results API user roles. If your organization already uses team access to scan results, add the new API user account to the teams associated with the applications that you are scanning. The Jira integration imports all findings from applications to which the API account has access.

To configure your login credentials:


  1. Go to Administration > Add-ons > Veracode Integration\Login Credentials.

  2. From the Type dropdown menu, select either Username/Password or ID/Key as the credential type.
  3. Enter the credential values.
  4. Click Test Credentials to ensure the credentials are correct. If this step fails, verify that there is network connectivity.
  5. Click Save.