Configure Jira Custom Fields

Ticketing Systems

About this task

To configure your Veracode default or custom fields mappings to Jira fields:


  1. Go to Administration > Add-ons > Veracode Integration\Field Mappings.
  2. In the Veracode Integration Field Mapping page, in the Veracode Platform column, select from the dropdown menu the name of the Veracode field you want to map, for example, Application Name.
  3. In the Jira column, from the dropdown menu, select the Jira field you want to map to the Veracode field, for example, Labels.
  4. Click Add Mapping.
  5. Repeat these steps until you have mapped all the desired fields. Click Remove to delete any mappings you do not want to keep.
    Note: Custom field names that contain commas (,) or colons (:) are not supported.


The resulting screen shows an example of the field mappings.
Note: The Veracode Integration for Jira sends an update event notification if any of the configured custom field mappings change for a specific Jira issue during an import.