Checking the Scan Status

Static Analysis

You can return to the Veracode Platform at any time to check your scans, review detailed information about the scan statuses, or delete a scan request.

You can view the status of a scan from the:

Status on the Applications Page

The Scan Status column of the Applications page shows the status of all the scans.

Use the Status dropdown menu to filter applications by a particular state, such as "Analysis in progress" or "Results Ready". The possible filter statuses include:

Pending Approval of New Vendor
awaiting approval from the third-party vendor of this application to allow Veracode to build an application profile and scan the application binaries
Pending Vendor's Acceptance
awaiting the third-party vendor of this application to accept the requested application profile and scan request.
Before Submission
the application is ready for the submission of the scan request
Analysis in Progress
the scan is currently ongoing
Vendor Reviewing Results
the third-party vendor of this application is reviewing the scan results
Results Ready
the scan results are published for anyone to view

Status on the Application Overview

The Application Overview page provides information about the security policy and status information for static and DynamicDS scans in progress for that specific application, including a progress bar and the estimated completion date. If a scan is complete, select an action button to perform other tasks such as View Report or Triage Flaws.

Status on the In Progress Scans Page

Click In Progress in the left navigation menu to see the scans currently ongoing for the application. Click a scan name to go the detailed pages.

Understanding the Status Values

The following sections describe the possible scan status values that appear in the Recent Applications list on the Home page, in the In Progress section of the left navigation menu, or in the individual application overview page. If an application has no status, then you have not requested a scan.


This status means the scan operator has reviewed the scan results, taken the necessary action, and is now publishing the results for viewing by everyone. If you are on the Applications page, click View in the Results column, or click Results in the left navigation menu.

Prescan Failed

If a scan has this status, go to the In Progress section of the left navigation menu and click the scan name, or go to the individual application overview page. Review and edit the scan request, then run the prescan again.

Prescan in Progress

Veracode is currently prescanning the application that has this status. You do not have to do anything until you receive an email notifying you when the results are available. If you want to check the progress of the scan, go to the In Progress section of the left navigation menu and click the scan name.

Prescan Successful

The prescan has completed successfully and one of the following actions takes place:

  • You must now review the prescan results on the Dynamic Prescan Status page and manually submit the full scan.
  • The full scan starts immediately because you opted to automatically launch the full scan upon completion of a successful prescan.
Prescan Successful - with warnings

The prescan has completed successfully but there is at least one warning. You can either:

  • Ignore the warning and click Repeat Prescan at the bottom of the Dynamic Prescan Status page.
  • Review the warning messages and perform any necessary remediation before coming back to this page and clicking Repeat Prescan at the bottom of the Dynamic Prescan Status page.

Request Incomplete

This status means that some information is missing and you have to complete one or more steps in the scan request process before you can submit the request. These steps could involve uploading files, selecting modules, providing DynamicDS scan request information, or obtaining vendor acceptance of a third-party scan request. Go to the Application Overview to review and edit your static or DynamicDS request. Then, run your scan again.

Scan Requested

This status indicates that you sucessfully submitted your scan request and the scan is ready to run.

Scan in Progress

The scan is currently ongoing and you can monitor its progress in the Application Overview or you can wait for notification by email of the scan completion.

Waiting for Review

This status refers to scans that have special instructions in the request. Veracode or customer scan operators must review these instructions that include extra information about the configuration of the scan. Once the scan operators have reviewed the special instructions, they can submit the scan to run.

Viewing Detailed Scan Activity

You can view the Activity Log on the Application Overview to see details of the activities that occurred during the scan. This information includes the event type, username, and timestamp.
Note: There can sometimes be a delay between a user action and the refresh in the Activity Log. If your action is not visible in the log, do not repeat the UI action or API call. Wait a few minutes and then refresh the browser.

Deleting a Scan Request

If you want to delete a scan that is in progress:
  1. Go to the In Progress Scans page and select the static scan you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete Request.
  3. When prompted, confirm that you want to delete the scan.