Using Veracode as a Vendor

Third-Party Application Security Testing

As a third-party software vendor, your enterprise customer has asked you to submit your applications for scanning with Veracode. Log in to the Veracode Platform, using the credentials Veracode sent you in an email.

Once logged in, perform the following tasks:
  1. Create an application profile.
  2. Submit a scan.
  3. Mitigate flaws.
  4. Share the report with your enterprise customer.

Getting Started

Veracode sends you your credentials for logging in to the Veracode Platform. Go to and log in. For information or assistance, click the icon to read more about how to use the Veracode service.

Scanning Your Application

This section lists the steps you take to scan your application and share results with your enterprise customer. Click the links to learn more about how to do each step.

Your enterprise customer may have specified a policy that you must use, so be sure to select it when you create your application profile. More information is available for setting the policy for an application.