Use the Veracode Help Center

Getting Started Guide

About this task

You can use the Veracode Help Center to answer questions, solve problems, or learn more information about Veracode products and services. Navigate to the Veracode Help Center through the question mark icon in the top right-corner of the Veracode Platform, or by going to on your desktop or mobile browser. Help Center information is organized by a collection of guides called books, which contain individual topic pages.


  1. From, enter a search term and press enter.
    The search results are displayed in the center pane.
  2. To narrow your search, use the facets on the left.
    You can narrow your search by last update, keyword, or publication.
  3. To view a single topic, click Preview.
  4. To view the topic in the context of a book, click the topic link.
  5. To download a PDF version of a book, click the Downloads tab on the left pane.
  6. To provide feedback about the Veracode Help Center, click the quotation icon on the top of the topic.