Prepare to Scan

Getting Started Guide

Before you get started with Veracode, there are a few things to consider about how to get the most security benefit from Veracode's service:

Just scan an application
Are you scanning a single application? If so, visit our quick start guide and come back here if you need additional help.
Review and customize your application security policy
Define the standards for application security that you want to enforce through Veracode, or simply accept one of the default Veracode policies.
Get started with application risk management
You may have many in-house developed applications. Which ones should you scan first?
Define the application portfolio
After you have identified candidate applications, add them to your application portfolio in the Veracode Platform.
Choose a scan type
Veracode incorporates multiple analysis techniques to give you the best results. The best scan for a given application depends on its assurance level and how it is built.
Supported languages and platforms
See the list of supported languages and platforms for static analysis.
Compile your application for a static scan
There are a few special instructions for compiling your application so that Veracode can give you the best results.
Prepare for a DynamicDS scan
There are a few things to keep in mind if you are doing a DynamicDS scan.