Browsing Your Applications

Getting Started Guide

The Applications page shows a list of the applications to which you have access. You can use the Applications page to view information about the applications, view older scans, find one or more applications, view statuses, and check next actions for applications.

A similar list is used to show open source applications reviewed on the Open Source Directory page.

Finding Applications

You can either search by name or use the application list filters to find an application or scan.

Searching by Name

The search by name field, located above the filters, allows keyword searching of the applications to which you have access. You can use either uppercase or lowercase letters to search.

Once the search has completed, the results are shown on the Applications page. You can clear the checkbox next to the Application Name in the list of filters at the top to remove the search, or click Clear All to remove all search terms and filters.

Note: The search filter is persistent until you clear it or you log out.

Using the Application List Filters

The application list has many filters that can be used to find applications. The filters that are shown by default depend on the applications you have analyzed. You can click More Filters to see all the filters that are available.

Note: You can reset one filter by unchecking the filter, by choosing "Select (Filter Type)" from the filter list, or by clicking Clear All.