SourceClear User Roles

SourceClear Software Composition Analysis

With an Enterprise level SourceClear account, you have access to a user management system that gives finer control over what users can access. You can assign users to workspaces directly or through a team.

Basic User Roles

Operation Organization User Organization Administrator Organization Owner
Organization Permissions
Rename Organization     x
Delete Organization     x
Feature Access
Manage billing and subscription     x
View usage     x
Access to Organization Library Catalog   x x
Access to Integrations   x x
Access to SAML configuration   x x
User Permissions
View list of users in organization * x x
Invite users to the organization, a workspace, or a team * x x
Resend any invitation * x x
Revoke any invitation * x x
Delete user   x x
Assign Organization Administrator or Organization User roles   x x
Assign Organization Owner role     x
Workspace Permissions
View list of workspaces in the organization   x x
Create workspace   x x
Delete workspace   x x
Team Permissions
View list of teams in the organization   x x
Create team   x x
Delete team   x x
Rename team   x x
Change team description   x x
Team-Workspace Permissions
Add team to workspaces   x x
Remove teams from workspaces   x x
Assign Workspace Administrator or Workspace User roles to teams   x x

*Organization users with the additional Team Administration role can perform these actions within the given workspace.