Accessing SourceClear from the Veracode Platform

SourceClear Software Composition Analysis

Accessing SourceClear from the Veracode Platform allows you to benefit from a robust Software Composition Analysis solution that can directly integrate with your continuous integration (CI) pipeline.

Logging In

If you are an existing Veracode Static Analysis user:
  • You can access SourceClear Software Composition Analysis from the Veracode Platform with your existing username, teams, and roles.
  • Contact your Veracode account manager to enable access to SourceClear.
  • You can only log in to SourceClear through the Veracode Platform.
  • The following restrictions apply:
    • SourceClear access from the Veracode Platform is not available for existing Veracode Software Composition Analysis users.
    • You cannot log in to SourceClear from the Veracode APIs.
If you are an existing SourceClear user, you can directly log in to the SourceClear Platform for access.

Navigating to SourceClear

After you have started a trial or purchased SourceClear, you can navigate to SourceClear. Log in to the Veracode Platform and navigate to Scans & Analysis > SourceClear Software Composition Analysis. Your SourceClear instance opens in a new tab, and you are automatically logged in to SourceClear with your Veracode Platform user account. Read additional information about SourceClear at
Note: Your browser may initially block the new tab where your SourceClear instance opens.

The SourceClear features and functionality available to you depend on your Veracode Platform roles allocation. The following table outlines the roles you must have in the Veracode Platform to complete specific actions in SourceClear.

Action Administrator Security Lead Executive Submitter Reviewer Workspace Administrator
View the Workspace Portfolio Page X X X X X X
Create and Delete Workspaces   X       X
Edit Workspaces   X        
Add Teams to Workspaces   X       X
View All Workspaces   X X      
View Specific Workspaces   X X   X X
Manage Projects   X        
Manage SourceClear Rules   X       X
Manage Integrations   X        
Manage Agents   X   X   X