Workspace Roles

SourceClear Software Composition Analysis

To delegate workspace management tasks, an Organization Owner or Organization Administrator can assign one of two workspace roles to Organization Users in a given workspace.

  • Workspace Administrators can view all the reporting pages, such as scan results, within a specific workspace, create Jira and GitHub issues (if integrations are set up), rename the workspace, manage its agents, delete its projects, invite users directly to the workspace, add and remove direct workspace assignments, and change workspace roles for users who are directly assigned.
  • Workspace Users can only view the reporting pages, create Jira and GitHub issues, and view the users in the workspace.

Organization Owners or Organization Administrators can automatically perform all the workspace operations for every workspace in the organization.

Operation Workspace User Workspace Administrator
Scans and Results
Scan Projects x x
View reporting pages: Projects, Issues, Vulnerabilities, Licenses, and Libraries in the workspace x x
Mark Issues as ignored or unignored x x
Create Jira and GitHub issues in the workspace (Prerequisite: Integrations need to be set up) x x
Manage Workspace and Contents
Rename the workspace   x
Create, update, and delete agents in the workspace   x
Delete projects in the workspace   x
User-based Permissions
View list of users in the workspace x x
Invite and add users directly to the workspace   x
Resend direct invitations to the workspace   x
Revoke direct invitations to the workspace   x
Remove users who were directly assigned to the workspace   x
Assign Workspace Administrator or Workspace User roles to users who are directly assigned to the workspace   x

See SourceClear User Roles for additional workspace-related permissions granted only to Organization Owners and Organization Administrators.