Default Branch Setting

SourceClear Software Composition Analysis

One option inside the project settings is the default branch setting, as seen below.

What does the default branch setting do?

1. Un-clutter your data - Issues, Vulnerabilities, Libraries and Licenses

When a default branch is set, we will only display issues, vulnerabilities, libraries or licenses from the default branch. This will show up in two ways, the first being that any list views will only show the items from the default branch when the list is first loaded. Second, all of the counts across your organization will only include counts from the default branch.

When you first scan a project on the master branch, we will automatically set master as your default branch. If a branch named master was never scanned then we do not set a default branch automatically. In order to view other branches or tag data, you can go to project details page and choose the default branch that works with your git workflow.

If a default branch is not set, we will display the combined issues, vulnerabilities, libraries and licenses for the latest scan of all branches for the project. This can clutter your view and inflate your counts so we strongly encourage you to set a default branch.

2. Automatic Issue Creation

When SourceClear releases or updates a vulnerability, we’ll re-check to see if the vulnerability affects your projects. If you are affected we will either create a new issue or update an existing issue automatically.

In order for SourceClear to create vulnerability issues, a default branch must be set for your projects. Issues will be automatically created only for the default branch.
Note: Automatic issue creation is for enterprise organizations only.