Organizations and Workspaces

SourceClear Software Composition Analysis


SourceClear organizes users into a model with organizations, which correspond to a company or business unit, at the top level. Each organization owns a domain, which is created when the organization is created in SourceClear (i.e. User accounts are unique to an organization, which means someone might belong to two different organizations and use the same email for each, but the data for each account remains separate.


Within each organization are workspaces, which you can create to separate and manage project scan data. Each workspace can include multiple SourceClear agents, which perform scans on your code projects and display the results in the workspace to which they belong. This functionality allows scan data in one workspace to be completely separate from another to assure only users belonging to a certain workspace can see the scan data.

On the Workspace Portfolio page, you can search for a library, vulnerability, or license and drill down into the workspaces and projects that include the items in your search.

Users and Administrators


Within each organization are individual users. These users are not added into any workspaces by default. You must add them to a workspace before they can get results in SourceClear.


Creators of an organization are Administrators by default, and are a member of every workspace within the organization. Administrators are capable of adding users to a given workspace and managing the organization as a whole.