Create Credentials File Using MacOS


About this task

To configure API credentials using the command line on MacOS:


  1. In the $HOME/Users/<username> folder, use the mkdir command to create the .veracode folder. For example: $ mkdir .veracode
  2. Navigate to the new folder. For example: $ cd .veracode
    Note: MacOS hides the new .veracode folder is as soon as it is created because it begins with a period.
  3. Use the touch command to create the credentials file. For example: $ touch credentials
  4. Open Finder to .veracode.
  5. Double click the credentials file to open it in a text editor.
  6. Paste the following template into the file:
    veracode_api_key_id = Your API ID 
    veracode_api_key_secret = Your API Key    
  7. Replace the ID and key values in the template with your Veracode API ID and key.
  8. Save the file.