Installing the Veracode IntelliJ Plugin


The Veracode IntelliJ Plugin functions like other IntelliJ plugins that you install and configure from IntelliJ.

Before installing the Veracode IntelliJ Plugin, Veracode recommends that you uninstall the previous version, if you have one installed.

To uninstall a previous version of the Veracode IntelliJ Plugin:
  1. Go to Configure > Plugins > Veracode IntelliJ Plugin.
  2. In the right pane, click Uninstall plugin.
  3. From the list of installed software, select the Veracode plugin and click Uninstall.

To install the Veracode IntelliJ Plugin:
  1. Go to and download the zip file.
  2. Select Install plugin from disk....
  3. Navigate to and select the IntelliJ ZIP file that you downloaded.

  4. Click Apply.
  5. When prompted, restart IntelliJ.

Installing Behind a Proxy

Be sure you can configure the plugin to use the correct HTTPS proxy settings to access the Veracode Platform. If you are unsure about your proxy settings, contact your network IT team.

To configure the proxy settings, go to Veracode > Options > Proxy. If you want to use the HTTPS proxy settings that you previously configured within IntelliJ, select Connect using the default HTTPS proxy settings.

If you want to specify different proxy settings:
  1. Select the Connect using the following proxy settings option.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Enter the proxy settings, selecting the Requires Authentication option, if necessary.
  4. Click OK.
  5. In the Settings window, click OK.

Storing Veracode Credentials

You have the option of using your Veracode username and password or API ID and key as your credentials for the IntelliJ plugin.

To add credentials:
  1. Go to File > Settings > Tools > Veracode > Credentials.
  2. Click Add Credentials.
  3. From the Type dropdown menu, select ID/Key.
  4. In the Identifier column, enter your API ID and key.
  5. Click Apply and OK.
To store your Veracode credentials and use these credentials each time you connect to Veracode via the plugin, you have to create a passphrase that Veracode can use as a security key to encrypt your credentials before saving them. Veracode uses this passphrase to create a digest that it stores securely. This digest expires every 12 hours, after which you are prompted to enter the passphrase again to create a new digest.

Select your credentials from the list

To protect your Veracode credentials with a passphrase:

  1. Select Veracode > Options > Credentials.
  2. Click Add.
  3. In the Veracode Keychain popup, enter a passphrase, and then confirm the passphrase.
  4. Click Submit

    Create a passphrase

Editing a Passphrase

To change your passphrase:

  1. Select Veracode > Options > Credentials.
  2. Click Change Passphrase and edit your passphrase.
  3. Confirm your new passphrase

    Create a passphrase
  4. Click Submit.

Forgetting Your Passphrase

If your passphrase has expired or you have forgotten it, you can delete your passphrase and create another one. Deleting your passphrase automatically deletes your user credentials from storage.

To recreate your passphrase:

  1. Close and restart IntelliJ IDE.
  2. Select Veracode > Upload and Scan. The Veracode Keychain window opens.

    Click the Forget Passphrase link
  3. Click Forget Passphrase.

    Click the Forget Passphrase link
  4. Click OK to delete your locally stored credentials.
  5. Click Create Passphrase to create a new passphrase.
  6. Confirm your new passphrase and click Submit.