Using the Extension Options


There are options you can select for the Veracode Visual Studio Extension.

To access the Veracode Visual Studio Extension options, select Veracode > Options. The options consist of the following four tabs:
Save your authentication credentials. You can set the default login credentials to either your Veracode API username and password (User/Pswd) or the Veracode API credentials (ID/Key).
The Do not use stored credentials to log in option allows you to use multiple logins, not the saved credentials, to log in to Veracode. Deselect the Do not use stored credentials to log in option if you use a single login and do not want to have to reenter your credentials when using the extension.

Verify that you can configure the extension to use the correct HTTPS proxy settings to access the Veracode Platform. If you are unsure about your proxy settings, contact your network IT team.
To configure your proxy settings:
  1. From the Proxy tab, select the Connect using Proxy checkbox.

  2. Enter the appropriate proxy details.
  3. Click Apply, and then click OK.
Specify the location of the precompilation target directory and change the default behavior of the actions to include precompilation. See Using Visual Studio Extension Precompilation Options.
Detailed Reports
Select the Save detailed report to disk checkbox and enter the path of the local location where you want to save the Veracode Detailed Report.