Prescanning Files


After you upload binaries, Veracode asks you if you want to begin the prescan after the files are uploaded. If you choose this option, Veracode notifies you when the prescan is complete.

Prescan results appear in the Prescan Verification Results window, informing you if the prescan succeeded or failed. If the prescan succeeded, select the checkbox in the Scan? column and click Yes at the bottom of the window.

If there is a fatal error with one of the uploaded files:
  1. Close the Prescan Verification Results window or click No at the bottom of the window.
  2. Go back to Veracode > Upload and Scan.
  3. If necessary, delete problematic binary files that you have previously uploaded, re-upload properly compiled binary files, or upload missing dependencies.
  4. Click Begin Prescan in the top-right corner of the window.
Upon completion of the prescan, you can start the full scan by clicking Yes at the bottom of the window.