Using the Veracode IntelliJ Plugin


The Veracode IntelliJ Plugin enables you to upload binaries to Veracode for static security analysis and work with the scan results from within IntelliJ IDEA to provide easy and quick information about potential security flaws in your applications.

In addition to the Veracode IntelliJ Plugin, Veracode offers Veracode Greenlight for IntelliJ, which finds security defects in your code in seconds so you can fix the flaws directly in your IntelliJ IDE.


For the IntelliJ plugin to work in your environment, you must have the following installed:
  • IntelliJ IDEA version 14.1 to 2017.2
  • JRE 1.7 or 1.8
This plugin is also supported on the IntelliJ-derived IDE, Android Studio, Version 2.x.
Note: You can only use the IntelliJ and Darcular themes when using the Veracode IntelliJ Plugin.