Approve or Reject Software Composition Analysis Mitigations

Software Composition Analysis

As a user with the Mitigation Approver role, you can approve or reject mitigations proposed by members on your team.


  1. Go to Mitigations > Mitigated Component Vulnerabilities.
  2. From the Proposed tab, select one or more vulnerabilities you want to take action on.
  3. From the Action menu, choose one of the following:
    • Accept to accept the proposed mitigation.
    • Reject to reject the proposed mitigation.
    • Comment to enter additional information about the proposed mitigation.
      Note: You must enter a comment when you approve or reject mitigations.
      enter an approval comment

What to do next

You can view the mitigation history of a component from the History tab on the Component Profile.

view the SCA history tab

You can also view component mitigation information by severity from Application > Software Composition Analysis > Third-party Components tab. Hover over vulnerabilities with an asterisk to view a tooltip with mitigation information. view the SCA hover details