The is the deprecated call that pushes the Archer feed to an XML report.

Resource URL


The call requires no parameters, but you can specify the following optional parameters:

app_id String. The application ID of the application for which you wish to pull data. You can find the application ID in the main Archer feed or by using the Results API.
period Use a time period: yesterday, last week (preceding Saturday to Sunday), last month (preceding calendar month). Using the period option selects any published applications that have had modifications (either published or mitigated) during the specified time period.
from_date String. Specify the beginning of a date range using a MM-dd-yyyy format. The range begins at 12:00AM ET on the specified date. This parameter should be used with the to_date parameter.
to_date String. Specify the end of a date range using MM-dd-yyyy format. The range ends at 12:00AM ET the morning after the specified date. This parameter should be used with the from_date parameter.
scan_type Specify one of the following flaw types: static, dynamic, manual


curl --compressed -u [username] > archer.xml


The call returns the archer XML document, which references the archerreport.xsd. Additional sharedreportlist.xsd schema documentation is available. Use the XSD file to validate the XML data. The XML report lists details about the scan of your Archer application.