Checking the Status of Veracode Services

Administration Guide

You can view the availability status of Veracode services to understand if there are any outages that may impact your ability to access the Veracode Platform and other Veracode sites.

To check the status of a Veracode site, navigate to If Veracode experiences a disruption or degradation in service, Veracode will post an announcement on the status site.

The Current Performance and Availability Status section provides the performance status of the sites only from the last time the sites were checked. You can view historical data from the past week from the Performance and Availability History section.
Icon Status
Service is operating normally
Performance issues
Service disruption
Informational message

You can select the different services and websites to view site-specific details about the average daily performance for the service from selected regions.

The following metrics define performance:

  • The exponential moving average during the most-recent checks
  • The site timeout
  • The first and second performance-level limits for each monitor set by the system administrator
The web service performance level of a country is displayed with the following color codes and corresponding score in parentheses:
  • Red (0-32): if an error occurs or the site check does not finish before the configured timeout.
  • Orange (33-52): if no error occurs and the site check finishes between the second performance limit and the timeout.
  • Green (53-95): if no error occurs and the site check finishes between the first and second performance limit.
  • Dark green (96-100): if no error occurs and the site check finishes before the first performance limit.
  • White: if the geographical area is not actively monitored at this time.