Create a New User

Administration Guide

From the Administration page you can create and manage users, teams, business units, and, if applicable, SAML and eLearning settings.

About this task

To create a user from the Administration page:


  1. In the Users tab, click Add New User.
  2. Enter information for the required fields marked with a red asterisk (*).
  3. For Team Memberships, select the checkbox next to the team names to assign a user to one or more teams.
  4. For Roles, select one or more role checkboxes.
    Note: Assigning the eLearning role to a user has special implications. See Grant users eLearning access.
  5. For Scan Permissions, select which types of scans the user can request.
  6. For Custom Metadata, enter a custom metadata value if there is additional metadata you want to capture from the application profile.
    These metadata fields are visible in the eLearning Account Report and can be used to aggregate eLearning statistics by different values that may be unique to your organization.
  7. Click Save.


New users receive an email from Veracode, which contains a one-time registration link to activate their account, and demo links to learn more about the Veracode Platform. When the user clicks the registration link, the user is taken to the Veracode Platform where they can set a password and their password recovery questions.