Managing Teams

Administration Guide

A team is used to grant users access to applications. You can assign an application to a team when you create the application profile or when viewing details of the application. Administrators can assign users to teams to access applications.

Note: Only users with the Submitter and Reviewer role are affected by team membership. Security Leads and Executives can see applications across all teams. Administrators have limited access to all applications, for instance to assign the application to teams.

From the Administration page, you can create new teams, manage existing teams, or remove teams.

Creating a Team

To create a team from the Administration page of your organization:

  1. Click the Teams tab.
  2. Click Add New Team. The Add/Edit Team window opens.
  3. Enter the team name.
  4. You can assign users to the team by selecting the users you want to add in the left list, and clicking the > button. Note: you can also search and filter for the users.
  5. Click Save to save your changes.

Managing an Existing Team

To make changes to an existing team:

  1. Select the team from the All Teams list.
    Note: You can search for the team by name using the Search field.
  2. Click the pencil icon, make your changes, and click Save to save your changes.

Removing an Existing Team

You may remove a team that has no applications associated with it. To remove a team:

  1. Find the team in the All Teams list.
  2. Click the Delete Team icon to the left of the team name to remove the team from your account.
Note: If the team has applications associated with it, the Delete Team button is unavailable. You can use the Applications list to find the applications associated with the team and edit the application profiles to remove them from the team.

Assigning Teams to DynamicMP Scans

To limit access to the DynamicMP scans of your business unit, you can assign a team when you request a new DynamicMP scan.

If you have the Creator or Security Lead role, you can create a team specific to your business unit. When you create a new DynamicMP scan, select the team you want to have visibility of the new scan.

Team Access to APIs

When an application has its visibility set to Teams & Security Leads, then a human account with the Reviewer, Creater, or Submitter user role must be a member of the specified team to be able to access that application using the APIs.