Specify which teams can access an application

Administration Guide

You can specify one or more teams that can access an application and its scan results. A team is a collection of users that can access the applications that have been assigned to the team. Your administrator can define which users belong to the team. Users with the Administrator, Submitter, and Security Lead role can assign an application to a team.

Note: Security Leads and Administrators can also choose to keep visibility to an application restricted to security leads only. This option is not available to Submitters.

You can specify a team that has visibility to the application when creating the application, or when editing an application profile.

Specify teams when creating an application

To specify a team that can access an application when creating an application:

  1. Check the checkbox next to the team or teams you wish to have access to the application.
  2. Once you have provided any other information for the application, click Save Profile.
Note: A user with the Submitter role should always assign an application to his team when completing the application profile. The list of teams will be filtered for Submitters to only show the team or teams to which they belong. If a Submitter is a member of only one team, the application is assigned to their team by default.

You can assign a team when creating or editing an application.

Assign a team while editing a profile

To assign a team to an application after the profile has been created, edit the profile:

  1. Go to the Applications menu item and click on the name of the application.
  2. In the left navigation menu, click Edit Profile in the Application section.
  3. Check the team or teams that should have access to the application and click Save.