Managing eLearning Features

Administration Guide

As a customer administrator for a customer who has purchased eLearning, you can manage many eLearning features, including granting users eLearning access, viewing eLearning license usage, and defining course availability.

Granting eLearning Access

You can grant eLearning access to a user by assigning them the eLearning role. Once a user has the eLearning role, you can also choose whether they will have an eLearning manager or act as an eLearning manager. An eLearning manager can review the eLearning transcripts of other eLearning users and suggest courses or assessments. You can also choose whether the user will be assigned to a custom eLearning curriculum.

To manage an eLearning user's access:

  1. Load the user details.
  2. In the list of User Roles, select eLearning. (When the eLearning role is checked, additional fields appear.)
  3. Select a Track for the user. (An eLearning Track reflects the type of courses to which the user will have access, based on the options your organization has purchased.)
  4. If you want this user's eLearning seat to automatically renew when your subscription renews, select AutoExtend.
  5. If desired, select an eLearning curriculum for the user.
  6. If this user will be an eLearning manager, select yes from the eLearning Manager field.
  7. If this user will not be an eLearning manager but will have their transcript viewable by another eLearning manager, select no from the eLearning Manager field, then select the user's eLearning manager from the Select eLearning Manager field.
  8. Click Save to save your changes.

You can also define the users that report to an eLearning manager in the eLearning tab of the Administration page.

Viewing eLearning License Usage

You can view a summary of eLearning seat usage, including a count of total eLearning seats purchased and assigned, and of all eLearning seats that are used. To access the information:

  1. From the gear icon at the top of the screen, select Admin.
  2. Select the eLearning tab.
  3. From the Subscription Details section, you can view the eLearning seat usage information.

You can view the following details about your eLearning seats:

Track Name
The collection of courses to which the user has access, based on the options your organization purchased.
Total Seats in Subscription
The total number of seats your organization has purchased.
Users with Track Assigned/Total Seats
The number of seats in this track that are currently assigned to users, compared to the number of seats your organization purchased.
Seats Used
The number of eLearning seats your organization has consumed.
Seats Used by Active Users
The number of seats consumed by users who have active accounts in the system. You cannot reassign these seats to other users.
Seats Used by Deleted Users
The number of seats consumed by users whose accounts were deleted by the system. If the user did use any eLearning resources, Veracode automatically releases these seats.
Users Set to Auto-Extend
The number of users set to auto extend, a feature which automatically renews the user's eLearning seat when the organization's subscription is renewed.