Managing eLearning Features

Administration Guide

As an administrator for a user who has purchased eLearning, you can manage many eLearning features, including:

Granting eLearning Access to Learners

You can grant eLearning access to users by assigning them the eLearning role. Veracode recognizes a user with the eLearning role as a learner. After assigning a user the eLearning role, you can also choose whether that learner has an eLearning manager or if you intend to act as an eLearning manager. An eLearning manager can review learner transcripts and suggest courses or assessments. As the administrator, you can also choose whether to assign a learner to an eLearning curriculum.

To manage learner access to eLearning curricula:

  1. Load the user details.
  2. In the list of User Roles, select eLearning. When you select the eLearning role, additional fields appear.
  3. Select a track for the learner. An eLearning track reflects the type of courses to which the learner has access, based on the options your organization has purchased.
  4. If you want the eLearning seat for this learner to automatically renew when your subscription renews, select AutoExtend.
  5. Optionally, select an eLearning curriculum for the learner.
  6. If this user is an eLearning manager, select yes from the eLearning Manager field.
  7. If this user is not an eLearning manager, but has their transcript viewable by another eLearning manager, select no from the eLearning Manager field. Then, select the eLearning manager for the learner from the Select eLearning Manager field.
  8. Click Save to save your changes.

You can also define the learners that report to an eLearning manager in the eLearning tab of the Administration page.