Auto-Linking DynamicMP Scans

Administration Guide

Veracode can automatically create a new application profile for all the dynamic websites you analyze during a DynamicMP scan, and then link the scan results to that application.

As part of the administration options, you can specify if you want Veracode to perform automatic linking or not. You must have the Administrator role to enable this feature.

To configure new application creation and automatic linking:
  1. Click the gear icon in the top-right of the Veracode Platform, and select DynamicMP Auto-Linking. You must have the Administrator role to be able to access this menu item.
  2. On the DynamicMP Auto-Linking Scan Options page, select an account to update.
  3. In the Auto-Linking section, select Create a new application for each new site scanned by DynamicMP.
  4. If you want to create applications only for sites that fail a specified policy, select the Limit new applications to sites with flaws violating this policy checkbox and then choose the specific policy from the dropdown menu.
  5. In the Auto-Linking Options section, enter the default name, business criticality, and policy.
    Note: Use $URL in the Default Name field to represent the URL of the site scanned by DynamicMP. You can combine $URL with plain text, for example: MPscan_$URL.
  6. In the Visibility Settings section, select whether you want the new applications to inherit the team visibility permissions or restrict the application to users with the Security Lead role.
  7. Click Save.