Managing Users

Administration Guide

This information helps you learn more about user settings, user administration, and how to create new users of the Veracode Platform and Veracode XML APIs and plugins.

To manage users, go to the Admin menu in the upper-right corner of the Veracode Platform, and select Admin. From the Administration page, click the Users tab.
Note: You must have the Administrator role to access the Admin link.
From the Users tab, you can:

About User Security in the Veracode Platform

Veracode offers four authentication methods to keep a user login secure:

  • Strong passwords: Required unless you are using SAML.
  • Two-factor authentication: Optional. Administrators can configure a user account to require the use of a second authentication factor (token) for login.
  • Single sign-on via SAML: Optional. Administrator can create a trust relationship between their organization's identity provider and Veracode, and configure individual users to authenticate via SAML.
    Note: You cannot combine this option with a Veracode-provided token.
  • Restricted IP ranges: Optional. Administrators can restrict the IP addresses or ranges from which the user is allowed to log into the Veracode Platform.

You can choose any of the optional methods, or combine them where appropriate, to keep the appropriate level of security on your data.