Installing the Veracode Azure DevOps Extension for Azure DevOps

Build Systems

The Veracode Azure DevOps Extension enables you to upload your code to Veracode for scanning. You can configure the extension for either Azure DevOps or on-premise Team Foundation Server (TFS).


To be able to use the Veracode Azure DevOps Extension, you must have the following installed for each TFS agent:

  • Node.JS 4.6
  • An Azure DevOps subscription with sufficient build time. This prerequisite only applies to Azure DevOps.
  • To install the extension to use with TFS:
    • TFS 2015.2 and later
    • Java Runtime Environment 1.8—11
    • VSO Agent 1.95.3 or later for Windows, Linux or macOS.
      Note: If you are using the extension with Linux or macOS, directories and filenames are case-sensitive. Configuring projects with the wrong case can cause builds and releases to fail.
  • The extension supports the following browsers:
    • Microsoft Edge 22 or later, with Experimental JavaScript features enabled
    • Chrome 54 or later
    • Firefox 49 or later