Installing the Veracode Azure DevOps Extension for Azure DevOps

Build Systems

You use the Veracode Azure DevOps Extension to upload your code to Veracode for scanning. You can configure the extension for either Azure DevOps or on-premise Team Foundation Server (TFS).


Before installing the Veracode Azure DevOps Extension, you must meet these prerequisites:

  • Supported version of Azure DevOps or TFS and Java listed in the Veracode Integrations Support Matrix.
  • For each TFS agent:
    • TFS 2015.3 or later
    • Build agent 1.95.3 or later for Windows, Linux, or macOS. For Linux and macOS, directories and filenames are case-sensitive. If projects use the wrong case, builds and releases can fail.
    • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.8 or Java 11. Azul Systems provides a free JRE for Azure that is compatible with OpenJDK. You can download the JRE for Azure from the Downloads page on the Azul Systems website at