Configure Jenkins Credentials To Use with Pipeline Job for Veracode Scans

Build Systems

The Veracode Jenkins Plugin supports the Jenkins pipeline functionality.

About this task

Veracode recommends using a snippet generator to create code snippets for routinely repeated steps in your build, test, or deploy pipeline.

To configure the Jenkins credentials to be used in a pipeline job:


  1. In your project, select Pipeline Syntax in the sidebar.
  2. From the dropdown menu in the Sample Step field, select withCredentials: Bind credentials to variables.
  3. Under Bindings, click Add, and select Username and password (separated).
  4. Enter variable names for your bound Veracode credentials.
    These variables will be used in the pipeline script.
  5. If you have already bound your Veracode credentials, select them from the menu in the Credentials dropdown menu.
  6. Otherwise, click Add > Jenkins.
  7. Enter the Veracode credentials accordingly.

    You can use Username and Password or API ID and Key as the credentials.
  8. Click Generate Pipeline Script.
  9. Copy this Groovy code into your pipeline and save it.

What to do next

You can now continue with the steps to configure a Jenkins pipeline script, as described in Configure Jenkins Pipeline Job for Veracode Scans.