Using the Veracode TeamCity Plugin

Build Systems

TeamCity is a continuous integration tool that developers use to automate and manage the build process. The Veracode TeamCity Plugin enables you to also scan your code with Veracode as part of the build process.

The Veracode TeamCity Plugin can also:
  • Synchronously scan and provide results
  • Stop the build if the Veracode scan results violate the security policy
  • Run a scan in a sandbox
  • Create an application profile if one does not already exist


To be able to use the Veracode TeamCity Plugin, you must:
  • Have Java 8 or later installed
  • Be running TeamCity Enterprise version 9.x, 2017.x, or 2018.x
  • Uninstall any previous versions of the plugin


To use the Veracode TeamCity Plugin you must have one of the following types of accounts:
  • A human Veracode account using the API ID and key authentication, with the following roles:
    • Creator or Security Lead role to be able to create application profiles, and upload and scan applications
    • Submitter role to create a new scan for an existing application and upload and scan these applications
    • Reviewer role to check scan completion.
  • A non-human account with the following API roles:
    • Upload API to create application profiles, create sandboxes, and upload and scan applications
    • Upload API - Submit only to submit scans
    • Results API to check scan completion

Installing the Veracode TeamCity Plugin

To install the plugin:
  1. Download the TeamCity plugin from
  2. Copy the zip file to the <teamcity data directory>/plugins directory. Do not change the name of the zip file.
  3. Restart the TeamCity server.
  4. Go to Administration > Plugins List to ensure the plugin is installed.

Uninstalling the Veracode TeamCity Plugin

To uninstall the plugin:
  1. Delete the plugin zip file from the <teamcity data directory>/plugins directory.
  2. Delete the file from the following location according to your operating system:
    • Windows: C:\ProgramData\JetBrains\TeamCity\config
    • Linux: /</TeamCity data directory/>/.BuildServer/config
  3. Restart the TeamCity server.