Configuring TeamCity Global Settings

Build Systems

You must be logged in to TeamCity as administrator to be able to configure the TeamCity global settings for the Veracode TeamCity Plugin.

To configure the Veracode TeamCity Plugin:
  1. In the Integrations section of the Administration page, select Veracode.
  2. In the Fail Build section, ensure the checkbox is selected to cause TeamCity to fail the build if the Veracode upload and scan task fails.
  3. In the Veracode Credentials section, select the ID/Key credentials type.
    Note: Veracode has deprecated the Veracode username/password credentials option and is planning to remove it as part of a future Veracode Platform release. Veracode recommends that you move from the username/password credentials to the Veracode API/key credentials as soon as possible.
  4. In the Default Values section, configure the following TeamCity server environment type variables for global applications for all TeamCity jobs:
    • env.PROJECT_NAME: changes the new Veracode application name to the TeamCity server project name
    • env.WORKSPACE
    • env.BUILD_NUMBER
  5. In the Debug section, select the Run in debug mode checkbox to run in debug mode. If you select this option, TeamCity collects detailed information about Veracode scans and stores the information in the console log of each TeamCity project.
  6. In the Proxy Settings section, if you intend to connect using a proxy, select the Use Proxy checkbox. Then, provide the specific host, port, username, and password settings for global use in TeamCity.