Prescan URLs

Dynamic Analysis

Before you submit your Dynamic Analysis, you can choose to prescan all the URLs to verify that Veracode can reach the sites and, if authentication is required, successfully log in to the sites. Prescanning saves time by alerting you to any issues that Veracode finds with the configuration before the Dynamic Analysis runs.

About this task

To prescan a Dynamic Analysis:


  1. In the Review and Submit page of the Dynamic Analysis workflow, toggle the Prescan option to On if it is not already set to on.

    When the prescan completes, you receive an email notification of the results. The Dynamic Analysis still starts regardless of the results of the prescan.
  2. If the prescan failed, correct any connection and authentication configuration details, and run prescan again.
  3. If you need assistance from Veracode with any of the issues found during prescan, click Contact Support in the bottom-left of the Review and Submit screen.


The prescan results are available in the Prescan Results tab of the Dynamic Analysis summary page.

You can view the details of the prescan at any time by going to the URL row and in the Actions column selecting View Prescan Details.