Provide Login Credentials

Dynamic Analysis

About this task

To provide your login credentials:


  1. On the URL configuration page, in the Login Settings section, select Authentication Required.
  2. If you select Auto-Login, enter the username and password for the application.
  3. If you select Basic Authentication, enter the username and password for the application, and, optionally, the domain.
  4. If you select Form-Based, record your login sequence script with Selenium IDE using supported Selenium commands. Save your JSON in the SIDE file format, and upload it. HTML file format is also supported, however, you must upload test suites in the SIDE file format. You also have to enter a verification URL and verification text that confirms that Veracode was able to successfully log in to the application. Optionally, you can also provide a logout script.
    Note: If you do not use Selenium, the scripts may not work.

    If you use form-based authentication and have uploaded a login script, you can download it at any time to verify its information. Go to the Dynamic Analysis Summary page and click on the URL that has the login script. In the URL Configuration section, click the link in the Login Script field to download the file.