Prescan Errors

Dynamic Analysis

All prescan errors relate to connection, auto-login, basic authentication, or login script issues.

The Prescan Details window provides information for fixing a specific error. To open the Prescan Details window, in the row of the URL scan you want to review, click Actions > View Prescan Details.

Connection Errors

For connection errors, look at the Connection Verification, Requests, Responses, Network Errors, and Port Shutdown fields for the specific reason why you have a problem with your connection. The request and response table indicates which requests to the target URL return error responses.

If Veracode cannot connect to the target URL, verify:
  • The URL is spelled correctly and uses the correct protocol.
  • The URL is live and available.
  • You have whitelisted
  • If there is heavy traffic causing the connection to fail.

Authentication Errors

For authentication errors, look at the Authentication Verification, Login Successes, and Login Failures fields for the specific reason why you have an authentication issue. In addition to the details on the Prescan Details page, if you have provided a login script, you can click View Screenshot to see a screenshot of the associated login errors.

If authentication has failed, verify:
  • You are using the correct username, password, and domain (if applicable). The Login Successes and Login Failures fields indicate if auto-login is working.
  • Any login script, verification URL, and verification text you provided is still valid. The Authentication Verification field indicates at which point in your script an error occurred, saving you troubleshooting time.