Configuring URL Settings

Dynamic Analysis

In addition to configuring the settings for the whole Dynamic Analysis, you can also configure the scan of each URL contained by the Dynamic Analysis.

On the URL configuration page, you can:
Add URL details
Add allowed hosts and HTTP or HTTPS versions to the list of allowed hosts, and set directory or subdirectory restrictions.
Make URL exclusions
Exclude URLs that are specific to the URL in the Dynamic Analysis.
Select the scan mode
Choose the default or advanced mode.
Specify the login method
Choose automatic login, basic authentication, or form-based login.
Configure Internal Scanning
If the URL is behind a firewall, select a reachable gateway and endpoint for the URL. This setting is only available to Veracode Internal Scanning Management (ISM) customers.
Add user agent information
Enter customized details of your browser to ensure the scan crawls for known vulnerabilities for that particular browser and returns information specific to the respective environment.
Provide contact information
Enter contact information to a person associated with the URL.
Enter optional information
Add optional information about the URL such as application lifecycle stage, launch date, and metadata tags.

Edit a URL Configuration

You can edit a URL configuration at any time by clicking the Edit button located at the end of URL row.

Delete a URL Configuration

If the Dynamic Analysis has not yet started, you can delete a URL configuration by clicking Delete.