Connecting the Midpoint to the VSA

Virtual Scan Appliance

This procedure connects your VSA to its midpoint, using the midpoint <ip.ip.ip.ip>, credentials, save, and restart commands.

Ensure you have the following information:

  • Midpoint IP address
  • Midpoint username
  • Midpoint password

If you do not have any of this information, please contact Veracode Technical Support can provide these details using the file exchange in My Portfolio, in the Veracode Platform.

To connect the midpoint:
  1. Enter midpoint <ip.ip.ip.ip>.
  2. Enter credentials and, when prompted, enter the midpoint username and password.
    Enter midpoint credentials.
  3. Enter save and, at the prompt, enter y to save.
  4. Enter restart.
    Enter restart to restart the appliance.
  5. After restarting the VSA, wait one minute for the connection to establish, and then enter self_test to check if the VSA has connected to its midpoint.
    If the midpoint is not connected:
    • Verify the midpoint IP address is whitelisted for outbound traffic over port 443.
    • If using a proxy, verify the proxy settings configured on the VSA are correct by entering status.

    Run a self test to see if the midpoint is connected.
  6. Contact Veracode Technical Support when the midpoint is connected to the VSA.