Store Your Veracode Credentials


Storing your Veracode API credentials is a one-time task. You can store them as environment methods or in a configuration file.

About this task

To store your Veracode API credentials:


  1. Generate your credentials in the Veracode Platform.
  2. Store your credentials using one of the following methods:
    Note: These instructions are valid only for Linux, UNIX, and macOS environments.
    • As environment methods:
      $ export VERACODE_API_KEY_ID=<your_api_key_id>
      $ export VERACODE_API_KEY_SECRET=<your_api_secret_key>
    • In a configuration file, saved by default to ~/.veracode/credentials:
      veracode_api_key_id = <your_api_key_id>
      veracode_api_key_secret = <your_api_secret_key>
      Note: If you use a configuration file, Veracode recommends that you ensure no other users can access the file. Linux or Mac users can use the following command to restrict access: chmod 600 ~/.veracode/credentials