Using the Upload API


You can use the Veracode Upload API to create an application, upload binary modules, check prescan results, and submit a static scan request.

For example, you can call the Upload API from your build system to automatically send a new build to Veracode for analysis as soon as the build finishes.

The Veracode Upload API is a basic HTTPS-based request API that uses simple HTTP calls. For performance reasons, the Upload API automatically compresses large XML files using gzip, if your requesting tool supports it. You are strongly encouraged to use a user agent that supports gzip, such as a modern browser, curl, or other technology, to access the Upload API. To learn about how to use the Upload API, read the tutorial.

To use the Upload API, you must have either a Veracode non-human API customer account that has the Upload API role, or a Veracode human user account with the Security Lead, Creator, or Submitter role, depending on the task you want to perform. The Creator role can create an application profile, the Submitter role can submit a scan request. The Security Lead role can perform all tasks. API users need the Upload API role to add a new application using the Visual Studio plugins and extensions.