Veracode XML APIs


Veracode offers you several ways to integrate security scanning into your workflows, as well as ways to access your Veracode data from other applications.

The Veracode XML-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and their wrappers automate the actions involved in testing, while plugins enable you to extend your workflow to seamlessly include Veracode security scanning.

Veracode provides an XML API for every task involved in scanning with Veracode. The following APIs and wrappers enable you to automate most of the tasks involved in scanning your applications.

All the API information is available as a PDF you can download.

API Wrappers
Veracode provides API wrappers for Java and C#. Veracode recommends using API wrappers when working with the Veracode XML APIs.
Upload API
Use the Upload API to automatically send new builds of your applications to the Veracode Platform for static analysis scans.
Results API
Use the Results API to get a list of available applications and retrieve detailed application results.
Mitigation and Comments API
Integrate flaw comments and mitigation workflow tasks into IDEs and bug tracking systems.
Admin API
Use the Admin API to create and manage users and teams in the Veracode Platform.
Flaw Report API
The Flaw Report API creates a report that lists all fixed and unfixed flaws for the specified applications and/or scan type.
DynamicDS APIs
Several APIs are available to automate your DynamicDS scans.
The Veracode VAST program has APIs for automating vendor and enterprise tasks.
Sandbox APIs
Use the sandbox API calls to automate the creation and listing of developer sandboxes.

Integrating with Veracode eLearning

Veracode eLearning uses REST API calls. To use Veracode eLearning APIs, you must enable HMAC authentication within your application as a security measure for accessing API resources.

eLearning Courses Available API
Use the eLearning Courses Available API to return a collection of eLearning courses that are available for your organization.
eLearning Course by ID API
Use the eLearning Course by ID API to return a name of a course for the specified ID.
eLearning Users API
Use the eLearning Users API to return a collection of users you manage. If you are a user with the Executive and eLearning role, the response includes all eLearning users in your organization.
eLearning User by ID API
Use the eLearner by ID API to return a name of a user for the specified user ID.
eLearning Progress API
Use the eLearning Progress API to return a collection of progress status report cards for eLearning users you manage. If you are a user with the Executive and eLearning role, the response includes report cards of all eLearning users of the organization.