The createuser call creates a new human user account. You can create a human user account with this call only if you are logged in from a non-human API user account. If you want to create a non-human API user account, you must create it in the Veracode Platform.

Before using this API, Veracode strongly recommends that you read API Usage and Access Guidelines.

Resource URL


Non-human user accounts require the Admin API role to use this call. Human user accounts require the Administrator role to use this call.


first_name String. Required.
last_name String. Required.
email_address String. Required.
is_saml_user true or false. You can only update this parameter if your account is SAML-enabled.
custom_id String. Required for SAML users and is the SAML username.
login_enabled Boolean. Optional.
phone String. Optional.
requires_token Boolean. Optional.
roles Comma-delimited string. Required. Case-sensitive. You can only pass the following human user roles: Administrator, Creator, Executive, Greenlight IDE User, Mitigation Approver, Policy Administrator, Reviewer, Security Lead, Submitter, Security Insights, eLearning, Vendor Manager, Delete Scans, Sandbox Administrator, or Sandbox User. You cannot pass any of the non-human API user roles. If you use either the Creator, Security Lead, or Submitter role, Veracode automatically applies the Any Scan scan permission to the scans.
teams Comma-delimited string. Optional. Case-sensitive. If the user creating a new login account has team membership restrictions, specified teams must be in the Team Memberships list of that user.
title String. User title or position.


 curl --compressed -u <VeracodeUsername>
          "first_name=testUserFirstName" -F "last_name=testUserLastName" -F
          "" -F "teams=Engineers" -F "roles=Creator,Submitter,Any
          Scan, eLearning">userinfo.xml 


The call returns the userinfo XML document, which references the userinfo.xsd. Additional userinfo.xsd schema documentation is available. Use the XSD file to validate the XML data.