Install the Python Authentication Library


Use this procedure to install the Python authentication library.

Before you begin

Before installing the Python authentication library, you must:
  • Be using a Macintosh OS X or Linux machine. Windows is not yet supported. If you are using Ubuntu, please read the last paragraph in this section.
  • Have Veracode API credentials
  • Install pip, the Python package manager. You must use Python 2.7 or higher. If you have Python 2.7.9, pip is already installed. If you are using CentOS, RHEL, or Amazon Linux, you must be absolutely sure that you are using Python 2.7. Older versions of these Linux distributions used to ship with Python 2.6. Python 2.6 is not yet supported. Without Python 2.7, you cannot install this authentication library.

About this task

To install the Python authentication library:


  1. Download the Veracode API-signing Python library.
  2. Install the library to your environment. For example:
    pip install security_apisigning_python-17.9.1-py2-none-any.whl