View Recent New and Reopened Dynamic Findings


Use this code to see how many new or reopened dynamic findings have been introduced in the past week.

About this task

To find new or reopened dynamic findings that have appeared in the past seven days:


  1. Call the Applications endpoint to view all your applications:
  2. For each application in the list, call the Findings endpoint to find both the new and un-reopened findings or reopened findings, using the dynamic scan type filter and searching in the past seven days:
    • To view new and un-reopened findings, use:>{application_guid}/findings?finding_status=OPEN&scan_type=DYNAMIC&new=true&reopened=false&found_after=2018-04-03
    • To view reopened findings, use:


In these examples, 2018-04-03 is the current date minus seven days.