The call returns a detailed XML report of all the scan results related to the specified build.

Before using this API, Veracode strongly recommends that you read API Usage and Access Guidelines.

Resource URL


build_id Integer. Required.


 curl --compressed -k -v -u <VeracodeUsername>:<VeracodePassword>


The call returns the detailedreport XML document, which references the detailedreport.xsd. Additional detailedreport.xsd schema documentation is available. Use the XSD file to validate the XML data. The following is an example of the returned XML.
<detailedreport xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="" xsi:schemaLocation=" https://garnet-web-g-vip.veracode.local/resource/detailedreport.xsd" report_format_version="1.5" app_name="PSINT-1933" app_id="290591" first_build_submitted_date="2018-03-14 17:33:41 UTC" version="14 Mar 2018 Static" build_id="1160666" submitter="Sehas Pathirana" platform="Not Specified" assurance_level="4" business_criticality="4" generation_date="2018-03-12 21:01:30 UTC" veracode_level="VL1" total_flaws="81" flaws_not_mitigated="81" teams="" life_cycle_stage="Not Specified" planned_deployment_date="2018-03-14 17:28:40 UTC" last_update_time="2018-03-14 17:50:31 UTC" is_latest_build="true" policy_name="custom-sca-policy" policy_version="2" policy_compliance_status="Did Not Pass" policy_rules_status="Did Not Pass" grace_period_expired="true" scan_overdue="false" business_owner="" business_unit="Not Specified" tags="" legacy_scan_engine="false">
  <software_composition_analysis third_party_components="3" violate_policy="true" components_violated_policy="3" blacklisted_components="1">


This call contains detailed flaw data and is only available for internally developed applications. If you use it for a third-party application, an error is returned.