The call enables you to request the upcoming Veracode maintenance schedule to verify if any planned service downtime is scheduled. This capability allows you to pause scheduled API activity during the planned downtime instead of having any automation fail.

Before using this API, Veracode strongly recommends that you read API Usage and Access Guidelines.

Resource URL


Non-human user accounts require the Admin API role to use this call. Human user accounts require the Administrator role to use this call.

Non-human user accounts and human user accounts can use this API.


There are no parameters for this API.

Example Syntax

 curl --compressed -u


The call returns the maintenancescheduleinfo XML document, which references the maintenancescheduleinfo.xsd schema. Additional maintenancescheduleinfo.xsd schema documentation is available. Use the XSD file to validate the XML data. The following is an example of returned XML:
<maintenancescheduleinfo xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <maintenanceschedule><downtime_start>2015-01-08T10:30:00-08:00</downtime_start><downtime_end>2015-01-21T10:30:00-08:00</downtime_end><title>Scheduled Maintenance Notification</title><description>The Veracode service will be unavailable due to maintenance. We apologize for any
inconvenience caused during this period. Please contact your Veracode account manager or Veracode Technical Support ( if you have any questions.</description></maintenanceschedule></maintenancescheduleinfo>