Using API Wrappers


Veracode provides API wrappers for Java and C# to simplify the integration of the Veracode APIs.

API wrappers are language-specific kits or packages that wrap sets of API calls into easy-to-use functions. The wrapper calls multiple API calls without the interaction of the user, further automating projects. Information about the individual API calls is also available and how to create an API user is available in the Veracode Help Center.

The Veracode API wrappers are Veracode-developed CLI programs that can communicate with the Veracode APIs accelerating the integration of the Veracode APIs in your software development lifecycle. The CLI programs are available in both C# and Java versions. The wrapper manages the details of network connections, parameters, and interfaces so that you can focus on using the objects to integrate Veracode into your code. The content of the wrappers is commonly used as library or command-line tools.

Veracode provides API wrappers for the following languages:
Note: If you are using the Veracode integrations to automate static analysis of your applications, your uploaded modules must not have fatal or blocking errors. These errors prevent Veracode Static Analysis from starting and cause your automation to fail. Before running your automation, perform a prescan verification to identify and resolve any errors in your modules and files.