Ignore Findings in Greenlight for Visual Studio Results

Veracode Greenlight

If there are known findings in your code that continually appear in your Veracode Greenlight results, you can ignore them to temporarily remove them from the Greenlight results.

Before you begin

To perform this task, you must have the Greenlight IDE User role.

About this task

The ignore finding feature removes a finding from the list of all findings. You can show the finding again at any time. Veracode Greenlight ignores any repeated occurrences of an ignored finding in future scans and between IDE sessions.

At the top of list of findings in the Veracode Greenlight Findings tab, there are toggle buttons for severities and ignored findings. Use the Ignore toggle to see the list of any ignored findings.

To ignore a finding:


  1. In the row for the finding you want hide, click Ignore.

    The finding no longer displays in the Findings list.
  2. Click the Ignored toggle button to view the list of all ignored flaws.

    You can filter the list of ignored findings using the severity toggle buttons at the top of the tab and the filter icon in the columns. Click Show at the end of the finding row to see the finding again in the list of all findings.