Creating Remediation Reports

Results and Reports

You can now generate remediation reports from results of DynamicMP scans.

Remediation reports contain details about the number and types of vulnerabilities found during a DynamicMP scan of your web application(s). The remediation report also contains an appendix that lists all the request and responses exchanged between Veracode and the websites you asked Veracode to analyze. The application is generated as a PDF document and available immediately for download.

To generate and download a remediation report:
  1. From the DynamicMP scan overview page, select the checkbox next to the sites for which you want to create reports.
  2. Click Generate Report.

An orange icon appears to the right of the Scan Status column to indicate the report is generating. When a report is ready to download, select the checkbox for that site and click Download Report at the top of the site list, or just click the green download icon to the right of the Scan Status column.

The report is available in your default download directory.