Schedule a Next-Day Consultation

Results and Reports

You can schedule a consultation for the following day if you have a next-day consultation subscription. A consultation call with Veracode can help answer specific questions you have about your scan results, help you understand the significance of the findings, and provide guidance on remediation and mitigations.

Before you begin

To enable next-day consultation calls, you must meet the following requirements:
  • You have a next-day consultation subscription.
  • Next-day consultations are allowed in your application profile.
  • You have scan results.
  • You have the necessary Veracode Platform role:
    • Calls for policy scans require the role of Executive, Reviewer, or Security Lead.
    • Calls for sandbox scans require the role of Sandbox User.

About this task

To schedule a next-day consultation:


  1. Go to the Results page for the most recent scan of your application.
  2. Click the Schedule a Consultation button.
    A dialog opens where you can enter details about the call.
  3. Select the Show Next-Day Consultations checkbox, if available.

    Under the checkbox, you can view the number of next-day consultation calls available to you this month. If you have no next-day consultations this month or you do not want to use a next-day consultation, do not select the Show Next-Day Consultations checkbox. Standard scheduling options are available for two business days from the date of the request.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select a time for the call.

    If the time slot is grayed out, that time is unavailable.

  6. Click Schedule.